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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thanksgiving Recap

(imported from a previous entry)
November 28, 2007

Well, Thanksgiving went off (almost) with out a hitch! Mom and I performed an intricate ballet of oven timing and managed to get everything out of the oven at served hot at relatively the same time. Thank you to whoever gave us the kitchen timer with 3 alarms for our wedding present. AWESOME!

Chad was super excited to use our new electric carver on the turkey but unfortunately Mom already had it sliced up when she broght it over. I did have some bread that needed to be sliced so Chad was able to cut that up.

We had 8 people in attendance and really not a lot of leftovers which I like. I did manage to save enough turkey for this amazing turkey pot-pie that I want to make.

So anyway, Thanksgiving was great and my family left about 5p. We did manage to take about 48 family photos that will hopefully be pared down to a select few to send out in Christmas cards. We will see if Chad and I get one sent out this year! After that Chad and I headed up to Frisco where his cousins live and the Felderhoff side of his family was gathered. We hung out and watched the rest of the Cowboy game and played Mad Gab with the other cousins/siblings and their spouse/boyfriends/girlfriends.

Friday Chad had to head to work for a few hours and then we all headed to my families ranch for the weekend. It was WONDERFUL. The guys went hunting in the mornings and the evenings and my mom and I stayed indoors where it was warm. Mostly we just sat around visiting with the family and reading magazines but we did manage to make about 3 dozen cookies and muffins and a huge dish of lasagna for dinner on Saturday. It was DELICIOUS! Sunday we headed back home and had enough time to unpack and clean up before we headed to church. All in all, GREAT holiday weekend!

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