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Friday, January 11, 2008

Mission Impossible: Search of the PERFECT Jeans

Shopping for jeans is about as much fun as getting an eyebrow wax... My problem with buying jeans is that I am looking for a low rise/bootcut/dark rinse/long (at least 34" inseam). I have tried Gap and they stretch out too much resulting in a butt that looks like its housing a dirty diaper. Express does pretty well in way of jeans but I just can't quite bring myself to spend $80 on something like that. I have tried to rationalize it before saying that if I calculated the "cost/per wear" then the jeans are definitly affordable. In the end though, I just dont feel comfortable wearing something so expensive. I have found though that it is hard to find jeans in the right length for me! I think it all stems from a childhood fear of putting my tall body in a pair of too-short jeans would increase the "wierd-o" factor of being tall than the "models are tall too" factor. Now I am not extremely tall being 5'10"(150.0-ish lbs.)and wearing a 9/10 pants but I still dont want pants that are above the top of my shoe or pool and drag rediculously on the floor...WHERE IS MY HAPPY MEDIUM!

Anyway, last weekend I bought a pair of jeans at The Limited. They were the Sexy Drew style and looked great on. Definitly completed the "low-rise" need. They were plenty long and pretty wide-leg. Once I got them home though and on with my typical boots... I looked straight out of the 70's...hello bellbottoms! I tried to fool myself by saying that an ironed crease in the front would take away the extreme flair, but it didnt work... back they went to the store!

Next I bought a pair of lucky jeans earlier this week. Usually they would fall outside my price range but these were on sale so I HAD to try them on. These were the "Sweet and Low" style and fell PERFECTLY to the ground with my tall brown boots on. However once I got home, I realized that I looked sloppy with them bunched around my feet with shorter shoes. Also, they were a little baggy in the butt and I know from experience that, for me, jeans dont shrink, they expand! I took them back and continuted the hunt for perfect jeans. The photo I posted makes them look HORRIBLE but they looked much better on.

After that I headed to an unlikely place for nice jeans... Charlotte Russe. I already have a pair of jeans from here but they have a hole in the knee thus the need for new jeans. The store brand of denim is called Refuge. I tried on about 4 different pairs on settled on the ones in the picture...the wonderful news...$16.99! What luck!

Since I was on a roll I headed to American Eagle to check out the sale I had been browsing on-line. In the end I bought jeans that I hadn't even bothered to look at on-line but they fit great. A little higher price point but I rationalized it with the $16 pair! I also scored a cute blouse and knitted cardigan for $10 and $15 respectively! Yay, go me!

What do you look for in a perfect pair of pants? Where do you find them?

Have a great weekend everyone!


hollison said...

I feel your pain! I can never find jeans that are great. Any pair that fits my waist is HUGE in the legs. There is so much extra fabric (reason #7984 I'm working on losing weight!) I've even considered buying online at one of those sites where you enter in your measurements and they make them custom. I'm just scared they wouldn't work.

Love your blog! See you tonight at St. Mike's!

M said...

Would it be way too "Mom Jeans" to say Lands' End usually works for me?


Elizabeth & Chad said...

To "M": No, I think that whatever brand fits the best is the brand to buy. Thanks for the hint, I havent looked for jeans at Land End but I may try it! Thanks for reading!

PrincessGreen17 said...

I usually need long jeans too, I'm not as tall as you (5'7") but I guess I have long legs, I like at least a 34" inseam. They do get a little baggy at the cuffs but I would rather have them drag the ground than look like I'm waiting for a flood! I usually get jeans from Abercrombie or the Buckle brand. I justify the price that I wear them so much. I don't mind it if they look good!

the Photographer said...

Get a pair that fits you in the waist and the length you need then find a good seamstress to get the leg taper you like.
My wife has done it for years and we will have to do the same for my daughter.

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

I feel your pain, well at least in the expanding pants area! Mine always expand in the butt and make me look like I have an even smaller butt than I already do.
I generally look for jeans that have flap pockets on the butt, as they make your butt look bigger, which is something I need!
Came across your blog on pioneerwoman's website! I like it!

Elizabeth said...

It's all about how they make my butt look. I am totally against mom jeans! (Sorry M) ... But I usually buy mine at the thrift store. Quite often it seems that someone just my size has gotten rid of new shoes/jackets/pants at Goodwill or Value Village, so I get them for 1/3 or 1/2 the price, sometimes 99 cents on sale days! I wear a size 10 pant and a size 8.5 shoe, so for once it pays to be "average." My latest two pairs were lucky brand jeans and The Limited although I don't know which cut they were! They look great, I got tons of compliments both times that I wore the lucky jeans. :) Fun topic!

Elizabeth & Chad said...

Thanks again for commenting everyone, I'm glad you guys like this topic!

Shelley said...

Cute blog Elizabeth, got to it from Pioneer Woman too. Any jeans with a tad of Lycra are welcome in my closet....must be able to move with my meal! It's great to hear about Texas too! All but my immediate family still lives in Texas but my family moved to Kansas when I was in grade school. Shelley