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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Catch Up Time!

(imported from a previous entry)
December 21, 2007

See... I knew I was going to be a slacker on this... Its been forever since I last posted! I will say though, December is a particularly busy and hectic month with the holidays coming up! So, what have a done since you heard from me last?

The first week of December our friends Mary and Kevin came into town for Kevin's company Christmas Party. We were lucky enough to catch up with them on Saturday and go eat lunch together and browse the mall for special deals. Chad and I met Mary and Kevin while we were all in college and all single. I was one of Mary's bridesmaids and she returned the favor last May when I got married. Although they live near Austin now, it's great getting together now and then to catch up.

That Sunday I did something drastic, something I hadn't done in such a way since I was sixteen, something I was nervous about and a decision I kept to myself until it was over with... I got my hair cut.

Now I have obviously gotten my hair cut lots since I was sixteen but it had only been a trim or maybe 2-3 inches off but not getting an actual cut with style and layers etc. If you don't know me I have naturally spiral curly hair. Not to the extent where it would be called kinky (oh the google hits I'll get with that one) but definitly super curly. Anyway, I was tired of always putting off spending any real money on my hair cuts and sick of thinking that only girls with straight hair could have cute cuts. So I armed myself with the credit card and headed to the salon. Normally I try to request someone with similar hair to mine to do the cut but I trusted this salon. I told the stylist that I was nervous and what I was looking for and what I was NOT looking for. She did an AMAZING job and listened to me and gave me advice on products and styling the whole time. Before it was all one length and almost halfway down my back. Now, is layerd around my face and the longest layer reaches my collarbone. It has really reduced the time I need while washing my hair and styling. Needless to say, I was pleased with the job she did and when I got home Chad loved it. Everyone who has noticed gave compliments!

Last weekend was Chads Christmas party at Texas 'de Brazil . Since I haven't met a lot of people that he works with and we've only been to this restaurant one other time I really didnt know whether we should wear jeans or dress more nicely. I am so glad that we decided to dress up because everyone else was dressed up nice. The drinks, food and dessert were delicious! Afterwards we went to Petes which was lots of fun as well. What wasnt fun was parking a mile away and walking in the freeeezing cold! On Sunday we went to some friends apartment that I went through the Advertising program with an had the best White Elephant exchange. The only rule was that the gift had to be liquid and alcoholic. I thought we did pretty good taking home a bottle of Baileys and 2 6-packs of beer.

Last night was my works Christmas Party which was also good and I was the proud recipient of a Starbucks gift card!

After all of that business the good news is that Chad and I have all of our Christmas presents bought AND wrapped with the exclusion of one of two that are odd sizes. Bag or box? Its a hard decision I tell ya!

I really do plan on updating more often with more interesting topics than Christmas parties and presents recieved!

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PrincessGreen17 said...

I love getting a hair makeover. You can feel and look like a whole new person! I'm sure it's even more of a challenge with curly hair, but it sounds cute and flattering. I recently got bangs after being afraid to cut them since about sixth grade, but luckily I love them!