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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Football and Friends

(imported from a previous entry)
November 19, 2007

Saturday night we hosted several friends to an evening of burgers and sausage on the grill and (hopefully) a chance to watch Tech beat OU. Well, after quite possibly the longest game I've ever watched (7p-11:30p!), Tech beat OU! Don't look for game stats here, I didn't pay a lot of attention but I was definitly glad we won! It was so exciting to watch the crowd get pumped up and also prepare themselves to rush the field. Now I normally think a football game lasts about 1 quarter longer than my attention span but the chance for Tech to beat OU was great!

Chad and I also got to spend time with some friends that we hadn't seen in a while and this was the first time we had babies in attendance too. Jackson (son of friends DeeDee and Paul) didn't like all the shouting too well, but in his defense it was past bedtime for him! By the time the game was ending most people had already headed home and it was just the few faithful left.

A GREAT end to a good season.

...but the season is not over yet in the Felderhoff Haus...

Cowboys vs. Redskins on Sunday

Not a lot can be said about our lazy Sunday except that it was a lazy Sunday just as the day should be. We went to church, bought groceries for the week (and Thanksgiving), a little Christmas shopping and watched football (shopped the newspaper circulers). The Cowboys beat the Redskins in the nick of time. I am really happy that our team is doing so well. It's kind of fun when I drive by Texas Stadium every morning and afternoon and know that that is where they win all the games! When the new stadium is built I won't get to drive by it anymore but the funny thing is that I can actually see the construction going up when on about 1/2 mile from the apartment. I have to say, I'm not a big football fan but I'm happy when our (Chad's) teams (and Fantasy Football) win their games. It makes for a happier household.

*Fantasy Football Disclaimer: I do not like the way this system works. Sports are a team effort and should be rooted for as such. Fantasy Football turns sports into an individual game which is wrong.

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