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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Catholic Podcasting

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November 29, 2007

Personally I have been looking for a way to insert more time with my Catholic faith into my life other than the normal Mass and prayer time. In this fast pace life we lead it's hard to find moments of time to devote to learning/enjoying our faith. This is where (for me) positive multi-tasking comes in to play.

During my commute to work I get sick of radio drabble and there are slow times at work where I find myself mindlessly surfing the internet. I realized that this was such a wasted use of time where I could be doing something much more productive or worthwhile. When I discovered the Catholic podcasts I was so excited to finally have something that filled my exact need. Now on my drive to work or during mundane times at work or working out at the gym (etc.) I can listen to these short entertaining pieces of my faith.

I really think that this is the kind of thing that young Catholics NEED to at least keep them interested and invoved in Catholicisim if not serve as a secondary means of religious education and entertainment. We are a fast paced people living in a fast paced culture and I really don't see myself sitting down with a new encyclical to learn about the faith. I really and truly think that this is the way the Church is going to have to move to stay in pace and connected to its people at least on some level.

So... I just wanted to let all of my Catholic (or non-Catholic) friends know about this AMAZING resource I found. I really can't say that I "found" it though, this is something that truly FOUND ME. Chad and I went to this thing called Theoloy on Tap and one of the speakers one week was the founder of this Catholic Podcasting website called SQPN (www.sqpn.com)...

Basically, you just have to check it out to really get all the details but... a Catholic priest named Fr. Roderick runs this website that contains more than a dozen podcasts covering all different topics. I figured out how to use the Google Reader that will automatically download new podcasts and then I listen to them at work/home. You can also download the episodes and put them on your mp3 player and listen to them at your convenience.

Catholic Podcasting Sites:

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Podcastin' Cyndi said...

Cyndi from www.twoedgetalk.com here - thanks for recommending our podcast! I admire your focus on working your faith into the little spaces of your life; we should all make that a priority - thanks for inspiring us!

Wow - you can really serve up a flashy Thanksgiving turkey for a 20-something - impressive!

Peace be with you,