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Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday's 7 Quick Takes

Edition: Clara

1. We've been trying to establish healthy eating routines. Not always perfect but we're working on it. She doesn't always want to sit in her high chair. However, if there is food on the tray, everyone is happy, and she is set in from a squatting position usually it okay. If not all hell breaks loose and it's a wailing episode for the ages.

2. Also on the topic of eating... She sometimes won't finish a meal in the high chair but will eat it if given while toddling around. Discipline or Nutrition is the question here...

3. Tomorrow we have our second music class with the budding percussionist. She's close to the youngest one but last week she loved shaking the maracas and seeing the other kids!

4. Any tips on how to thoroughly strip and de-funk cloth diapers? And keep them that way? Inquiring minds (and noses) want to know.

5. New tricks: mimicking kissing, fish face, clapping, pointing and feet stomping. Also loves to "brush" (read: chew/slobber) her teeth with a real toothbrush.

6. Shopping cart tantrums = super fun. Apparently arching the baby back against the back of the cart seat does not feel pleasant. Luckily cheerios came to the rescue. Also, last week a grabbed a stuffed animal and put in the seat next to her which stopped the tears. Then I ditched it in the cereal aisle while she wasn't looking. Sneaky Mama!

7. A picture with a well placed hair clip to prove she's a girl when dressed in unisex colors. Approximately 2.3 seconds before it was yanked out with a disproving scowl.

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