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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Project Report

Seeing as it is Chad & Elizabeth I figured it was time for me to step in and post something. I don't do a whole lot of cooking so there wont be any juicy photos of the wonderful dishes that my lovely wife makes. I can tell you that she is feeding me well and I need to be more religious about my running schedule. So back to the topic at hand. I had a couple of projects on the list today and a couple to report on. This is what the list looked like:
-Peephole (on the front door)
-Ceiling Fan
-Front Flower Beds

I really only have the first 3 to report on. More on the other three when I get to them. Crap now its in stone and Elizabeth is going to hold my feet to the fire on the flower beds.
Garden- Well this one didn't get off to a great start this summer, but we are finishing off strong. We made one batch of our award winning salsa, and are awaiting the second batch of tomatoes to be ripe. I think were going to try and can the next batch. I know it sounds like my grandmother talking, but it works and this salsa could win the fair next year. Needless to say here are a couple of pics from the garden. We did have squash plants that got flattened by an Armageddon of some sort. I have been really impressed by our jalapeno plant. It is huge as I say a "fair winner".

The okra is doing very well but its going to be a little late in the year for it. After it came up it never got hot enough to really grow good. That's why I bought the farmers almanac for this year we should be good to go now.

Here is a close up of my jalapeno plant. They look so innocent, looks can be so deceiving. I think its because we purchased a Texas plant. You know everything is bigger in Texas. Hopefully the freeze this weekend doesn't kill them. moving on......

Peep Hole- No pictures to post here just a little note that if you buy a peep hole from Lowes and it says 1/2" hole it really means 7/16". I found out one washer later.

Ceiling Fan- Going with the trend of the day the ceiling fan in the guest room was not so easy. I would put it at 4 out of 5 on a difficultly level. Not trying to give my self to much credit but about the only thing I didn't have to do was build the room around the fan. Installing a fan is usually pretty easy just time consuming. This one although was cantankerous from the beginning. The biggest problem being no solid foundation to mount the fan. Instead of having the fan chop up our next guests and get the bedspread bloody I decided I better reinforce the mount. This is where it gets complicated. I had to cross the attic being careful not to put my foot through the ceiling. Let me tell you that's a feat all in itself. God doesn't put size 14's on ballerinas for a reason.
I found the mount in the ceiling and then placed a board that I cut between the two joists. You can see the board in the first picture. I had to screw it to the joists so the weight wouldn't be on the sheet rock. Sounds easy but to do hunched over balancing on a 1 1/2" board increases the difficulty. Alas the finished product turned out well. Now our guest will be able to enjoy the soothing breeze of our fan.

All of these photos are courtesy of our new Nikon D3000 DSLR. It got a lot of use at the Philbrook museum this weekend. I'm sure Elizabeth will be sharing some of those photos shortly.

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Elizabeth & Chad said...

Awesome fan! I've been blog-stalking you sometimes since I love that you found us and there's another Chad & Elizabeth. :-) And I just love your fan!