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Monday, September 29, 2008

Bread and Cup

So today I am eating lunch in the break room… perusing the Living section of the Omaha World Herald with my Crispy Duck Salad from Upstream. In case your curious, the salad is better at the restaurant than delivered to the office. Its something with the temperature that just bothers me… Anyway, the front page of the Living section has the large beautiful image of a crostini with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. The ideal image for a southern girl in the Midwest whose weather is getting much too cool much too fast. Tomatoes just say summer in a way that even peach pie and ice cream can’t. Anyway, I start reading this article about a trendy place in Lincoln called Bread and Cup. Now let me honest and tell you that when I moved from Dallas, I was afraid I would have to give up cute trendy places for jumbo steakhouses and your boring collection of mediocre chains. My first indication should have been the fact that even Tulsa had great places like Sonoma Bistro and Wine Bar and the Local Pantry. So….back to Bread and Cup: First of all, you have to read the article because I seriously fell in love and my mouth started watering. I am a website/blog addict (I know, really?) The first thing that piqued my interest were the recipes in various blog entries. I don’t know why more restaurants don’t do this! Seriously, having a recipe (or 6) is not going to stop me from trying or coming back to your restaurant. Why do you think atmosphere and service are SO important (and I don’t have to do the dishes)! The photography on the website is beautiful although I would like a few pictures of the dining room to know what I am getting into before I drive down to Lincoln. The fact that the website is updated so often with the newest offerings also tells me that they are at the top of the their game! The food and drink is mostly local which is a great feature that I wish more places offered. It ALWAYS tastes better than something flash frozen, shipped in and sitting under the warmer.
Anyway, I CAN’T wait to try this place and I load a review when I can!

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Watchman said...

I was doing a Google search for some information on our restaurant bread&cup and saw your blog entry as one of the results. I hope you get a chance to come see us in Lincoln. Here is a link to a new site that features 360 views of local places. This will give you an idea of what our interior looks like.


owner, bread&cup