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Monday, May 5, 2008

best thing EVER!

do you like rootbeer floats? ya know, rootbeer with ice cream spooned on top that makes those delicious creamy bubbles at the top that take on a new consistency you never knew existed before...Mmmm! For me rootbeer floats were made famous by A&W but were especially made great while sitting around a camp fire roasting hotdogs (also consumed, Dr. Pepper floats). Well, while at the local Hy-Vee (grocery store chain up here) I spotted this strange looking BLUE milk in a glass jar, and then pink, yellow, peach, white and brown milk! What could this stuff BE!? Turns out it is flavored milk, I know what an idea! I don't remember what all the flavors are but the brown milk is NOT chocolate, its ROOTBEER flavored! Delicious! I think the other flavors are regular (white milk), peach, cookies and cream and cotton candy flavored!

Check out their website, seems like a wonderful small family owned business that would be wonderful to support!

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