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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dining Guide of Tulsa: Part 2

Mahogany's Prime Steakhouse

Mahoganys was great! Seriously the best steak I have ever had (except yours Dad, of course). Apparently the secret is searing them at 1000F and only seasoning with salt and pepper. See Dad, we didnt have a 1000F degree grill so it's not your fault. I never really understood the saying that a good steak didnt need BBQ sauce until now. I could only handle a 6oz size at the time but that 6oz was great! We got it "Oscar Style" which means that it has crab meat and asparagus on top. I don't even like mashed potatoes (I know, but I am still southern dangit!)but with the yummy sharp cheddar on top, they were great!!

Sonoma Bistro and Wine Bar

Uh, PERFECT! I had been CRAVING a less filling and more healthy meal and this fit the bill perfectly! First of all the wine and beer selection was AMAZING! Second of all, we sat outside on a perfectly warm relaxing spring Sunday evening. Not least of all the food was delicious. We started out with a cheese plate that had an olive cheese, bacon cheese, and a brie. It was served with dates and french bread slices. For dinner I had a great asian flank steak, I highly recommend it!

Shoguns Japanese Steakhouse

Your traditional Japanese Steakhouse which was great. A little stringent on their reservation procedure. The showmanship of the chef (probably not the right term) was good even if he did screw up the egg-bouncy-trick 3 times... It was a great value and a fun place to go with a crowd

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